Unique System of Forming Boots

If the ski boots tighten

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The new system of adjustment of the ski boots:


…The pleasure of skiing, skating, hiking …,

Sun, the snow and wide long hills. Those are probably the three most important conditions for pleasure of skiing.

However, only one thing can spoil it all: hurting feet due to press – the ski boots.

It is a quite frequent problem among the skiers and that is hardly surprising because one knows that there are not two exactly similar feet. The ski boots are characterized by a rigid form. Many skiers try to cure this problem by buying shoes one or two sizes above and while carrying an additional pair of socks in order to obtain a good adjustment.

Usually people don’t understand that, the problem is not going away by adding another pair of socks. That is because they can’t change the shape of the feet.

The professional skiers know: that any space between the foot and the shoe inevitably involves a loss of contact between the skier and the track, and consequently decreases the feeling of control of the skis. On another side, if the shoes are adjusted too much, that is likely to do too much tighten on certain points of the foot which will become painful early or late. For this reason it is absolutely important to carry shoes which adapt to shapes of the foot just like another skin.

Whether skiing becomes the dream or nightmare, depends often only on few millimeters. And it is just not only to avoid hurting feet, but it is especially important for having comfortable and perfectly adjusted shoes.

Briefly: only ski boots perfectly adapted to the shape of the foot ensure a correct, comfortable and solidbase. In other words, when the feet do not fit to the rigid shape of the ski boot, it is the shoe which must adapt oneself instead of the foot.

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