Cinderella FIT

Foot analysis

First print Cinderella FIT-analysis sheet and analysis form.

Cinderella FIT analysis sheet

Print analysis sheet. There is two version available - better quality versio is pdf-version. You can open and print pdf-file with free Adobe Reader, which is available at address:

You can also print picture of the form. Original size is A4, but the size and scale of printed grid is not important.

Better quality PDF -version and GIF -picture.

Sheet extension is targeted to very large feets.

Better quality PDF -version and GIF -picture.

Analysis form

You can fill out the form and analyse the shapes of your feet. You can also fill out it with computer and then print or print and fill out it later.

Analysis form

Do you know your feet?

There are several important areas on your feet - those parts are also the most problematic ones.

Filling this problem form you can tell us which are the most problematic areas of you feet which cause painful problem with your shoes.

Problematic areas of your foot form

Important things before you fill these forms. 

How to draw to analysis form?

When you have filled all necessary documents and learned to analyse your feet, you can contact us!

The original story about Cinderella ended happily. Check this link and read the many version of the good old fairy tale.

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