Cinderella FIT

Cinderella FIT - how it works?

1. During the first stage of the process, measurements of the foot of the customer are marked to the form. Subsequently, the foot outlines are cut out. Remember to draw such as the line is visible all the time and there is no cap between line and foot.

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Important!! How do you cut off CInderella FIT analysis sheet?

2. Subsequently, the appropriate shoe last is selected on the basis of analysis sheet and inserted into the ski boot.

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3. Cutted analysis sheet is nicked at the center line and put into the ski boot. Now pressure points between foot and ski boot are clearly visible. One can also cure the problems of adjustment in the higher part by rectifying the marks using one meter in ribbon.

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4. Various hydraulic cylinders are then blocked according to the form sought in last adjustment.

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5. The places which must worked on are heated up point-exactly and at the same time set under pressure by hydraulic pump. Thus the material is brought accurately into the new and properly matching form.

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6. With the following shock cooling by cold water the material is hardened, the new form "is frozen" to a certain extent..

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7. As a check the analysis sheet is again fit in now. If it rests upon flat and no deviations are more recognizable, the treatment is final. However the customer should make still another personal test in order to be completely sure that boots fit.

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8. Lastly, information on the customer is deferred on the card. The customer receives a service chart, which is considered at the same time also as warranty document of identification. Cinderella FIT guarantees shoes that fit.

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